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Science Day 2017, sponsored by Halliburton

Ray P. Authement College of Sciences Newsletter for 2017

Science Day is an annual event that introduces area high-school juniors and seniors to the faculty, students, alumni and facilities of the College of Sciences. This year, over 600 students attended and participated in presentations or hands-on activities in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Informatics, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. Students were welcomed by Provost David Danahar, Dean Azmy S. Ackleh, and Dr. Michael Totaro before they were separated into groups that toured the College. Each group of high school students followed their tour-guide (an undergraduate student volunteer majoring in one of the sciences) to each academic Department or School. There, faculty and graduate and undergraduate student lab assistants gave presentations or conducted hands-on activities. There was also a question and answer session with recent alumni who fielded questions from the high school students with respect to their own experiences as students within the College as well as career options afterwards. This year, once again, Science Day was a tremendous success. Dean Ackleh would like to thank the faculty, staff and students who volunteered their time and energy to this worthwhile endeavor. We also want to express thanks to Halliburton and Sodexo for their continued financial sponsorship of this event.