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Graduation Checklist

I am Ready to Graduate - Now what?

There are two forms that you must turn in to the Dean's Office in order to graduate - a completed Degree Plan and an Application for Degree. There is also a $90 graduation fee that must be paid at the Student Cashier Center in the Student Union.

Degree Plan

The Degree Plan is an itemized listing of all the courses you have completed along with a plan for completion of the remaining requirements. The Degree Plan form may be obtained from your advisor or in your departmental office.

Application for Degree

The Application for Degree is the official application form which lists information such as the formal name that will be on the actual diploma. You may pick up this form at the Dean's Office or at the Registrar's office. It is particularly important that all mailing addresses be complete and accurate. Without accurate mailing information, you will miss important announcements. The deadline for degree applications is published in the official Academic Calendar.

Graduation Fee

The $90 graduation fee is paid at the Student Cashier Center in the Student Union. You must bring your completed Application for Degree form with you so that the Cashier can stamp it "Paid". The Application for Degree form can then be turned in to the Dean's Office.

The Semester prior to Graduation

  1. Meet with your advisor and prepare a Degree Plan.
  2. You must turn the completed Degree Plan in to the Dean of Sciences Office no later than 2 weeks after the end of the early advising period in the semester prior to graduation. This is generally the responsibility of the advisor or departmental advising coordinator but all students should check to make sure this step has been completed.
  3. If you need priority scheduling you must turn in the Application for Degree by the date established by the Registrar's office. The deadline for an early registration appointment is published in the official Academic Calendar. (This date is always within the first month of the semester prior to graduation.)

Between Filing Your Degree Plan and During the Semester of Graduation

  1. Once you have filed your degree plan with the Dean's Office, you must inform the Dean's Office of any changes to your degree plan or your class schedule. Be sure to check your UL Lafayette email account for any notices from the Dean's Office. Degree plans are constantly being checked to make sure there are no errors or omissions. Quick responses to notices are very important so that your graduation is not jeopardized.
  2. You must turn the completed application for degree in to the Dean's Office by the Registrar's posted deadline. The date when the application for a degree is due in the Dean's Office is published in the official Academic Calendar. (This date is generally about two weeks after the start of the semester.)
  3. Barring any problems, you will not hear from the Dean’s Office until the month before Graduation. However, you will receive notices from the Registrar's Office and the Bookstore concerning orders for Caps and Gowns, invitations, parking at the ceremony, etc. More information is available in the Degree Candidate Checklist.