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Science Week Research Poster Presentation Awards

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As noted in a news item posted yesterday, on the afternoon of Thursday 19 October 2023, as a part of the College of Sciences combined homecoming and Science Week activities, three students from each of our academic units made poster presentations of their recent research projects. Both undergraduate and graduate students made presentations. Visit the Saturday news item for more details. (Fifteen of the presenters are shown in the photo above.)

All 18 of these research projects are praiseworthy. The panel of judges has selected four poster presentations deserving of extra praise.

First Place

Summer Crawford, an undergraduate student in the School of Computing and Informatics, is the recipient of the first place award. Summer presented her research on the topic "Climate Change-Aware Crop Yield Prediction". Her advisor is Nian-Feng Tzeng.

(Summer Crawford with Martin Margala, Director of the School of Computing and Informatics, and Dean Azmy Ackleh)

(Summer Crawford and her advisor Nian-Feng Tzeng with her poster)

Second Place

Bailey Meche, an undergraduate student in Mathematics, is the recipient of the second place award. Bailey presented his research on the topic "DiseaseNet: A transfer learning approach to noncommunicable disease classification".

(Bailey Meche with James Kimball, Assistant Head of the Mathematics Department, and Dean Azmy Ackleh)

(Bailey Meche with his poster)

Third Place

We have a tie here

Ethan Horn, an undergraduate student in Biology, and Christopher Wiltz, an undergraduate student in Chemistry, are the recipients of the third place awards. Ethan presented his research on "Response Time of Red Swamp Crawfish (Procambarus clarkii) to Artificial Fish Baits At A Winter Temperature". His advisor is Kelly Robinson. Christopher presented his research on "Extraction and Characterization of Baccharis Halimifolia and Propolis from SW Louisiana". His advisor is August Gallo.

(Ethan Horn with Paul Leberg, Head of the Biology Department, and Dean Azmy Ackleh)

(August Gallo accepting Christopher's award with Wu Xu, Head of the Chemistry Department, and Dean Azmy Ackleh)

(Ethan Horn with his poster)

(Christopher Wiltz with his poster)