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Science Week Research Poster Presentations

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On the afternoon of Thursday 19 October 2023, as a part of the College of Sciences combined homecoming and Science Week activities, three students from each of our academic units made poster presentations of their recent research projects. Both undergraduate and graduate students made presentations. Several alumni were able to join us and interact with these student researchers. (Scroll past the poster listing for photos of some of these interactions.)

Information about the research projects including the names of the student researchers and their faculty advisors is provided below. Images showing the presenter with their poster are also provided. Hopefully by zooming in on these photos you will be able to read enough of the content of the posters to get a feel for the topics investigated.

All of these research projects are praiseworthy. A panel of judges has been tasked with the difficult task of selecting the top three posters. Please keep an eye on our news items as the judges' decision will be posted soon.


  • Understanding the effects of Glycosuria on Klebsiella pneumoniae physiology
    Moiz Fazal-ur-Rehman (UG), Awais Tariq (UG), Cameron Mcall (G), Derrick Petry (G), Carson Hebert (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Ritwij Kulkarni

  • Response Time of Red Swamp Crawfish (Procambarus clarkii) to Artificial Fish Baits At A Winter Temperature
    Ethan Horn (UG), Emily Kane (F)
    Faculty advisor: Kelly Robinson

  • 2D vs. 3D Geometric Morphometrics in Louisiana Inland Fishes
    Bradley J. Bouton (UG), Kevin T. Torgersen (G), Noah J. Kleyla (UG)
    Faculty advisor: James Albert


  • Ultrafast Chemistry in The Earth's Atmosphere and in Marine Ecosystems
    Lily Guidry (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Tolga Karsili

  • Extraction and Characterization of Baccharis Halimifolia and Propolis from SW Louisiana
    Christopher Wiltz (UG), Alexandra Nguyen (UG), Catherine Weber (UG) and Madison Ackel (UG)
    Faculty advisor: August Gallo

  • Comparison of the Protein Structures of Mammalian Caspases
    Shelby Meche (UG), Jordan Grider (UG), Soundharya Dhanabal (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Wu Xu

Computing and Informatics

  • Emerging Machine Vision with Stochastic and Hyperdimensional Computing
    Jonas I Schmidt (UG), Mehran Shoushtari Moghadam (G), Sercan Aygun, Mohsen Riahi Alam (G)
    Faculty advisor: Hassan Najafi

  • Climate Change-Aware Crop Yield Prediction
    Summer Crawford (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Nian-Feng Tzeng

  • Curiosity and Boredom: Insights on the Exploration-Exploitation Balance in Reinforcement Learning under Multi-factor Hebbian Learning Rules
    Anthony Triche (G)
    Faculty advisors: Ashok Kumar and Tony Maida


  • Physiological Changes of Wetland Plants Exposed to Acute Saltwater Intrusion Events
    Monique Blanchard (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Jorge Villa

  • Evaluating wetland patch responses to acute saltwater intrusion events from a remote sensing perspective
    Madeline (Maddy) Moore (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Jorge Villa

  • Towards new phosphate geothermometer using dahllite concretions of the Thermopolis Shale, Wyoming using multi-channel spectroscopy
    Haley Benoit (UG when the research was performed, now G)
    Faculty advisor: Eric Ferré


  • DiseaseNet: A transfer learning approach to noncommunicable disease classification
    Bailey Meche (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Bruce Wade

  • Decreasing Paths of Polygons
    Scott Whitman (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Leonel Robert

  • Controlling Pests in a Host-Parasitoid System by Multiple Control Mechanisms
    Jenita Jahanagir (G)
    Faculty advisor: Amy Veprauskas


  • Energy Consumption in a Household: Focus on Efficiency
    Robert R. Boulanger (UG) and Christian Brasseaux (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Gabriela Petculescu

  • Magnetization dynamics and Skyrmions
    Brianna Olalekan (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Michalis Charilaou

  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Iron
    David Silva (UG)
    Faculty advisor: Michalis Charilaou

Visitors discussing posters with exhibitors