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College of Sciences Dean's List

At the end of each regular semester, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette recognizes those students named to the President's List and Dean's List. To be included on the Dean's List, students must earn at 3.5 GPA or better and to be included on the President's List, students must earn a 3.8 GPA or better.

Our Top Students for Fall 2015

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the top 40 students in the Ray P. Authement College of Sciences were recognized in a ceremony headed by Dean Azmy S. Ackleh. This group of 40 excellent students consists of the top 20 senior, 10 junior and 10 sophomore undergraduate students in our college. These students, all of whom are on the Dean's list and many of whom are on the President's list, were selected based on GPA. In cases of equal GPA's the students with more credit hours were favored for this selection. The average GPA for these 40 students is 3.95.

These top 40 students were invited to a ceremony in Oliver Hall where their accomplishments were formally recognized. At the end of the ceremony, the students who were able to attend were awarded a newly-designed College of Sciences T-shirt. We congratulate these young scholars as they continue their studies!

The names of these 40 students are given below.

Top 20 seniors

  • Alexander, Raven Alexiss
  • Beasley, Jacob
  • Bienvenu, Alyssa V.
  • Clark, Cassie Marie
  • Duhon, Ashley Angelle
  • Fazal-ur-Rehman, Fatima
  • Meaux, Alyse Marie
  • Osman, Sommer Yousef
  • Mahoney, Juliane Gene
  • Theriot, Johnathon Michael
  • Bollich, Emilie A
  • Cavanaugh, Melissa M
  • Ekong, Uwem Samuel
  • Thirumal, Rithika Marumagan
  • Shaik, Amalia Fay
  • Seaux, Gage Emerson
  • Benoit, Joshua Ryan
  • Williams, Laramie Augusta
  • Sanford, Gabrielle
  • Wilson, Kalyn Elaine

Top 10 Juniors

  • Padgett, Charles Eugene
  • Perkins, Wil
  • Phung, Delena H
  • Roy, Ashley Elizabeth
  • Torres, Hayden
  • Walker, Quincy
  • Tromblay, Alix Laya
  • Davidson, Brooke Elizabeth
  • Schexnayder, Marae L.
  • Broussard, Adam

Top 10 sophomores

  • Nash, Cody Alan
  • Lanza, Madison Faia
  • Danos, Jaden Matthew
  • Reed, Luke
  • Tran, Phuong Duy
  • Zamora, Alexandra Marie
  • Zeik, Joseph Gabriel
  • Champagne, Blaire Simone
  • Khalifa, Dahlia Taha
  • Picou, Erin Elizabeth