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Geosciences Professor's Research Highlighted by the American Geophysical Union

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The research article, Salient Changes of Earth's Magnetic Field Toward the End of Cretaceous Normal Superchron (CNS), by professor Carl Richter, of our School of Geosciences, and his colleagues, professor Li Yongxiang of Nanjing University and PhD student Liu Xinyu, was recently selected by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) for inclusion as an Editor’s Highlight in Eos, the award-winning science news magazine published by AGU. Fewer than 2 per cent of the eligible papers are selected for this honor!

The AGU is a global community supporting more than half a million advocates and professionals in the Earth and space sciences. AGU publishes 24 peer reviewed journals in open-access and subscription models.

The Eos Highlight stresses that "These findings suggest that the geodynamo was more dynamic than previously thought and may provide clues concerning the origin, development and termination of geomagnetic superchrons. The study robustly documents a much more variable geomagnetic field during the Cretaceous Normal Superchron than acknowledged up to now, an important result that enables benchmarking geodynamo simulations for this time interval."