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Biology Student's Research to be Supported by the Louisiana Sea Grant

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Photo: Ethan Horn

Biology undergraduate student Ethan Horn is the recipient of one of the seven 2023 Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) projects funded by the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program. Ethan's project title is Testing the Effectiveness of Invasive Asian Carp as Crawfish Bait Relative to Natural and Artificial Baits at Winter Water Temperatures.

Louisiana crawfish are fished using baited traps. Fishermen have the option to use natural fish bait, such as menhaden or shad, or artificial pellet bait. However, both baits can vary in availability and price by season. The project explores whether raw invasive Asian carp pieces are an effective crawfish bait during winter when natural fish bait is less abundant and compare Asian carp bait efficacy compared to established natural and artificial baits.

Dr. Kelly Robinson of our biology department is Ethan's project advisor.

The Louisiana Sea Grant College Program Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) projects were established in 1992 to provide talented undergraduate students with hands-on research experience. Louisiana Sea Grant has funded more than 200 UROP projects. Each UROP student will gain first-hand knowledge regarding the whole research process from design, implementation, analysis to conclusion. The hope is for students to present at relevant conferences and publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Projects receive funding up to $3,000.