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Top 60 Students Honored

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Marine Sediment (core) Sampling Training on the R/V Roger Revelle

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Biology student to study coral in Bermuda

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Jorge Villa receives prestigious DOE Early Career Award

Dr. Jorge Villa, of our School of Geosciences, received the prestigious Early Career Research Award from the U.S.

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On Thursday, 28 April 2022, the top 60 students in the Ray P. Authement College of Sciences were recognized in a ceremony headed by Dean Azmy S. Ackleh. This group of 60 excellent students consists of the top 39 senior and 21 junior undergraduate students in our college. These students, all of whom are on the Dean's list and the President's list, were selected based on their cumulative GPAs and total credit hours earned during the 2021-22 academic year. In cases of equal GPA's the students with more credit hours were favored for this selection.

Dean Azmy S. Ackleh met with the students as a group and individually to offer congratulations. Each student was presented with a custom Ray P. Authement College of Sciences t-shirt or coffee mug.

The seniors are: Sarah L. Guedry, Joshua A. Fitzpatrick, Abigail A. Sirois, Adam T. Hymel, Jordan E. Richard, Lane M. Foreman, Rosalie Y. Michot, Kelsie R. Fell, Amy M. Dartez, Jackson L. Ragusa, Alanna L. Smith, Alex M. Saunier, Cera J. Aex, Sarah E. Martin, Jordan K. Melancon, Grant J. Dupuis, Vivian E. Mire, Caroline T. Mire, Matthew J Authement, Lynsey J. Lagneaux, Zoe E. Louvierre, Shea L. Silhan, Raj U. Patel, Cambrie M. Sonnier, Angelique N. Schmidt, Laurielle E. Watkins, Christopher M. Pinho, Flavien C. Missier, Brandi N. Rocca, Nicholas A. Russell, Ruby Shrestha, Wyatt C. Woodall, Peyton M. Dardeau, Jacob L. Mark, Kaiser I. Lamson, Madeleine R. Angerdina, Isaac E. Kulp, Chansey E. Champagne, Reyna Houston.

The juniors are: Cassidy M. Nguyen, Kennedy Stansbury, Morgan E. Rigby, Kalyn M. Picard, Shelby Meche, Carson J. Hebert, Zachary B. Phillips, Caleb E. Franklin, Gabrielle N. Dietel, Madeline K. Futch, Lily M. Guidry, Jessica P. Fiser, Allison P. Hull, Karen LaBrador, Luke W. Brinkley, Jean-Paul Boudreaux, Summer D. Crawford, Elisabeth J. Mcmichael, Owyn H. Bradberry, Addie M. Lopez, Karessa G. De La Paz.