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College of Sciences researchers receive over $1 million from the Louisiana Board of Regents

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The College of Sciences is very pleased to announce that eight researchers received funding totaling over $1 million from the Louisiana Board of Regents Support funds for Research Competitiveness and for Departmental Enhancement this year. The proposals were selected from a total of 169 submissions in the Research Competitiveness program and 173 submissions in the Departmental Enhancement program. Please join us in extending our congratulations to everyone!

The recipients in the Research Competitiveness section are:

  • Karen Smith (Biology): The Endogenous Opioid System in Self Injury
  • Tolga Karsili (Chemistry): Modelling the Thermal and Photophysical Decay of Criegee Intermediates
  • Hayriye Gulbudak (Mathematics): Modeling across-scale feedbacks of pathogen virulence, host immunity, and disease control
  • Amy Veprauskas (Mathematics): Understanding species persistence under reoccurring environmental disturbances
  • Michalis Charilaou (Physics): Modeling of topological defects and emergent magnetic states in nanostructures
  • Hassan Najafi (School of Computing and Informatics): Deterministic Bit-Stream Processing for Energy-Efficient Machine Learning Systems

The recipients in the Departmental Enhancement section are:

  • Beth Stauffer (Biology): Enhancement of Biology Research and Teaching through Personal Flow Cytometry
  • Harry Whitlow (Physics): Ultra-high BRILLIANCE multi-cusp ion source for research users at the Louisiana Accelerator Center