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Winners at the LA MS MAA Meeting

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College and University Outstanding Graduate

Congratulations to biology major Victoria Furka who has been selected as the Outstanding Graduate of the Ray P.

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Outstanding Master's Graduate

David Behringer is the Outstanding Master’s Graduate in the Department of Biology. He has a 3.76 GPA.

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A large group from our mathematics department attended the Louisiana Mississippi Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Section Meeting at Loyola University in New Orleans on 27-29 February 2020.

First place team

Third place team

The UL Lafayette teams did very well in the Student Team Competition. The team consisting of Andrew Bayard, Maxwell Kane, Grace Sternaman, and Madi Angerdina placed first! The team consisting of Lance Myers, Edward Babin, Jacob Echols, and Nicholas Henderson placed third. Ross Chiquet served as faculty advisor for both teams.

In the student paper/presentation competition, Maxwell Kane placed first and C. Andrew Bayard placed second. Ross Chiquet and Amy Veprauskas supervised Maxwell Kane's research, Ross Chiquet and Logan Perry supervised Andrew Bayard's research.

Student Presentations

  • The dynamics of a discrete-time, stage-structured, amphibian population model
    Maxwell Reigner Kane, Undergraduate, UL Lafayette
  • Dynamics of frog populations under the influence of two diseases
    Nicholas Henderson, Undergraduate, UL Lafayette
  • Cognitive hierarchy theory and the infinite centipede game
    Christopher Bayard, Undergraduate, UL Lafayette
  • A comparative study of physics-informed deep learning models for discovering partial differential equations
    Duong Nguyen, UL Lafayette
  • Analysis and applications of cognitive hierarchy theory for examples of two-player-two-action games
    Grace Sternaman and Madeleine Angerdina, Undergraduates, UL Lafayette

Main photo caption: Our student group at the LA-MS MAA 2020 meeting (L to R: Jacob Echols, Edward Babin, Lance Myers, Nicholas Henderson, Grace Sternaman, Madi Angerdina, Andrew Bayard, Maxwell Kane, and Ross Chiquet.