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Delta Growing Season Extended

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The Acadiana Advocate of Tuesday, April 26, 2016, featured an article about a study authored by David A. White of the department of biology at Loyola University in New Orleans and Jenneke M. Visser associate professor in our School of Geosciences and associate director of our Institute for Coastal and Water Research.  The study is concerned with how global climate change has helped warm the waters of the Mississippi River and, as a result, extend the growing season along the delta by more than two weeks longer than in 1983. The results of the study Water quality change in the Mississippi River, including a warming river, explains decades of wetland plant biomass change within its Balize delta appear in the journal Aquatic Botany.

Image: Figure 1 from the article: False-color aerial image of the Brant inner-deltaic Splay within the Mississippi River Balize Delta, Louisiana, USA. Image was taken winter, 1995.