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If you have a passion for research and discovery or a talent for numbers, you'll find a major that's the right fit for you in the College of Sciences. Take a look at some of the options we offer — from geology to pre-med.

Remember, as a science major, you will need pursue and complete an official minor to graduate.


We offer a major in Biology or, for students wishing to specialize further, concentrations in Microbiology or Resource Biology and Biodiversity.


We offer a major in Chemistry. You may choose between an ACS certified degree and a non-ACS certified degree. The non-ACS certified degree program is intended to be more flexible than the certified degree.

Additionally, we offer a Pre-Pharmacy transfer program.

Computer Science

We offer a major in Computer Science with concentrations in: Cognitive Science, Information Technology, Scientific Computing, Computer Engineering, and Video Game Design and Development.

Environmental Science

We offer a major in Environmental Science. You may choose one of the three concentrations: soil and water, environmental quality, and digital geography.


We offer a major in Geology. You may choose a concentration in petroleum geology or environmental geology.


We offer a major in Informatics. You may choose a concentration in Business, Health, Digital Media Technology, Systems Administration, or Web Design, you may choose the Individualized concentration.


We offer a major in Mathematics.


We offer a major in Physics.