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Faculty Spotlight: Bingqing Liu

Bingqing Liu, PhD joined the School of Geosciences at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an assistant professor in August 2023. She teaches GIS and Remote Sensing courses and her research revolves around the utilization of hyperspectral remote sensing and AI/machine learning techniques to investigate the responses of wetland-aquatic ecosystems to meteorological/climatic changes and anthropogenic activities (e.g., coastal restorations). Specific topics Dr. Liu is working on include wetland blue carbon sequestration, carbon/sediment transport in coupled land-ocean coastal systems, phytoplankton community dynamics, and harmful algal blooms.

Prior to joining UL Lafayette, Dr. Liu received her PhD in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences from Louisiana State University. Subsequent to graduation, she assumed the role of a research scientist at the Water Institute, where she conducted applied science, contributing to a more resilient coastal Louisiana. In May 2023 she received a National Wetlands Award. Concurrently, she served as the Deputy Director for the RESTORE Act Center of Excellence for Louisiana to oversee and manage the administration of this competitive coastal research grants program.

Contact Dr. Liu or learn more through these links:
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