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Faculty Spotlight: Mo Li

Mo Li

Mo Li, PhD joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an assistant professor in August 2023. Dr. Li earned his PhD in the System Modeling and Analysis Program with a concentration in statistics and data science from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2021. Under Dr. QiQi Lu’s supervision, his research delved into changepoint detection in correlated categorical time series. He also holds an MS in Operations Research from Virginia Commonwealth University and a dual major BS in Statistics and Biology from the University of New Mexico (jointly awarded by Northwest University, China). After obtaining his PhD, Dr. Li conducted postdoctoral research under Dr. Ni Zhao at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. Li's research interests span the areas of categorical time series, changepoint detection, microbiome and T-cell receptor sequencing data analysis, and statistical applications in the environmental and biological sciences. Interdisciplinary collaborations with researchers from various fields form another essential part of his research program. He is also dedicated to mentoring graduate and undergraduate students, guiding their research projects through his expertise and their collaborative efforts.

Contact Dr. Li or learn more through these links:
Mo Li's Mathematics Department webpage