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Faculty Spotlight: Kathryn Boddie

Kathryn Boddie

Kathryn Boddie, PhD, joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an instructor in August 2019. Dr. Boddie earned her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 2019 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her dissertation research was on a new variation of a classical problem using cellular automata – the Firing Squad Synchronization Problem. She enjoys many areas of mathematics and was focused on pure mathematics, in particular algebra, through her M.S. (2011 – Florida State University) Dr. Boddie’s research interests range across many areas including, but not limited to, cellular automata, computer science, discrete mathematics, optimization, commutative algebra, graph theory, and combinatorics.

Dr. Boddie’s primary focus at UL Lafayette is on teaching and expanding into supervising undergraduate research.

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