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Faculty Spotlight: Tolga Karsili

Tolga Karsili, PhD, joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, as an assistant professor in August 2018. He received his PhD in Chemistry in 2014, from the University of Bristol (UK). He subsequently undertook post-doctoral research at the Technical university of Munich, Germany (2014-2016) and at Temple University, USA (2016-2018).

Dr. Karsili's research involves applying computational methods to explore excited-state properties, at both the single-molecule level and in bulk complex environments. He is also interested in developing computational methods, primarily for: coupling quantum and classical methods, simulating absorption and emission spectra in complex environments and modelling metastable electronic states of molecules. Specific areas of interest include:
Photochemistry and photobiology
Surface-assisted photodissociation and photocatalysis
Optical properties of field-activated molecules and aggregates
Electron-Induced Reactions

Contact Dr. Karsili or learn more through these links:
Tolga Karsili's Chemistry Department site