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Faculty Spotlight: Davide Oppo

Davide Oppo, PhD, joined the School of Geosciences at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an assistant professor in August 2018. He was a Faculty member of the University of Aberdeen UK after the completion of a postdoc at the University of Bologna (Italy). He received his PhD in Geology and MSc in Marine Environmental Sciences from the University of Bologna in 2012 and 2008; respectively.

Dr. Oppo consider himself as a broadly trained sedimentologist, but his core research interests lie at the intersection of sedimentology, biogeochemistry and geophysics. Most of Dr. Oppo’s research focuses at the multidisciplinary study of fluid flows in sedimentary basins, with a personal interest on methane seepage and sediment extrusion. Specifically, the main efforts are oriented to obtain a clear understanding of the processes governing fluid and sediment emission at the surface, an aspect that is fundamental to evaluate their impact on petroleum exploration, on nearby human communities and natural ecosystems, and to properly consider their role in geological and socioeconomic models at a regional scale. Additional research themes involve the study of sediment distribution and accumulation along continental margins, and the analysis of ancient tsunamis through the study of the evolution of their deposits.

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