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Faculty Spotlight: Harry J. Whitlow

Professor Dr. Harry J. Whitlow arrived at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on 9 August 2016 to take up duties as full-professor of physics and director of the Louisiana Accelerator Center. He is an accomplished researcher with approximately 200 scientific publications and has supervised 11 PhD students. He has teaching experience from the UK, Finland, Sweden, Singapore and Thailand at levels spanning high-school to advanced postgraduate levels. Professor Whitlow was educated at Bath and Sussex Universities in the UK. He is a docent at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and has been appointed professor at both Lund University in Sweden and the University of Jyväskylä in Finland.  He is also holds an Adjunct Professorship in Chemistry at Kasetsart University in Thailand.His research is applying ion-matter interactions for improving and studying materials, a topic that will be the focus of the activity at the Louisiana Accelerator Center.

Visit Dr. Whitlow's  Louisiana Accelerator Center page.