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STEMS2 - Strengthening Teacher Education through Mathematics & Science Teaching Scholars

The Strengthening Teacher Education through Mathematics & Science Teaching Scholars (STEMS2) in Louisiana project aims to offer teacher certification (through a minor or double major) to talented STEM majors. We intend to produce no less than twenty-five exceptionally qualified mathematics and science teachers, who upon completing the project will have earned a baccalaureate degree in mathematics, biology, or one of the sciences as well as obtained secondary teacher certification. Learn more about this program.

STEMS2 Scholars

The STEMS2 project is now accepting applications from STEM majors interested in participating in a program that offers financial and academic support to those seeking a double major in education, education as a minor, or post bachelor’s certification after completing a bachelor’s degree with a STEM major.  Learn more about these $11,500 stipends.

STEMS2 Mini-Internship

Annually, 15 highly qualified STEM majors (freshmen and sophomores preferred) will be selected to participate in our mini-internship program. The internship will be offered between the end of the spring semester and the start of the summer session. The internship is partitioned into two main segments. Part of the internship will be dedicated to faculty-developed “seminars in higher level STEM content,” which is essentially a precursor to the kind of content participants will encounter as upperclassmen. These seminars will include 15 contact hours. The second part of the internships will give participants an opportunity to work with high potential middle school students. STEM majors with 3.0 GPA who have completed freshmen year courses are preferred. Learn more about these $1000 stipends.