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November 16th, 2018

A connection between condensed matter physics and materials science

A new publication in Nature Scientific Reports brin... Read More ➝
November 7th, 2018

Hundreds of Students Visit the College

On Friday, 26 October 2018, over 800 high school students from 46 different schools participated in Science Day 2018... Read More ➝
October 23rd, 2018

University crustacean collection moves to the Smithsonian

More than 100,000 preserved crabs, shrimp, lobsters and other crustaceans collected by University of Louisiana at La... Read More ➝
September 7th, 2018

Study Discusses New Finding About Magnetic Monopoles in Nano-Materials

A team from ETH Zurich and University College Dublin (Dr. Hans-Benjamin Braun), led by Dr.... Read More ➝
August 30th, 2018

Biologist Receives Prestigious Award

Beth Stauffer of our biology department has been awarded a 2018 Early-Career Research Fellowship from the Gulf Resea... Read More ➝
August 24th, 2018

The 2018 Gouffre George Expedition

The 2018 Gouffre George Expedition in the French Pyrenees was led by Dr.... Read More ➝
August 21st, 2018

Study Analyzes How Environmental Disturbances Affect Whale Recovery

Researchers (Azmy S. Ackleh (dean), Hal Caswell, Ross A.... Read More ➝