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Geosciences Seminars and Talks

Spring 2017

For more information please contact Katie H. Costigan or visit the School of Geosciences webpage.

  • January 27, 2017 1pm Hamilton Hall room 108
    A new way to look at the subsurface with seismic data
    Deborah Sacrey
    Auburn Energy
  • January 31, 2017 3:30pm Hamilton Hall room 108
    Sedimentary Geology as an Inverse Problem: Elucidating External Controls on the Evolution of Landscapes and Sediment Dispersal Systems
    Glenn Sharman
  • February 3, 2017 Hamilton Hall room 108
    Confounding carbonates: The reservoir rocks that won’t plan nice
    Noelle Joy-Purcell
    AAPG visiting geoscientist lecturer